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Eric Pepin helps you putting your spiritual knowledge into practice. That makes all the difference on the path to becoming one with the Universe. There is also a benefit of practicing together as the energy of the teachings sync up through students across the planet.

This is why Eric is teaching a Live, 2-hour class every month. You’ll learn new techniques, practice and connect with the Higher Balance community. Be a part of the tuning fork effect that resonates and creates a rippling effect for the rest of the month.




Through EricPepin.TV, Eric’s YouTube channel, he provides free videos classes, tutorials and more. You’ll also find every episode of Eric’s podcast, Rebel Guru Radio, posted on YouTube. Two of his most popular video series include a discussion on transhumanism and a class about shadow beings. In the in-depth discussion on transhumanism and the merging or spirituality, technology and science, Eric Pepin introduces his spiritual school, Higher Balance Institute, and then dives into the future of technology and science and how it applies to spiritual seekers.

Eric Pepin Books

In an effort to make Higher Balance Institute’s teachings accessible to everyone, he started to make training available in book format. Beginning with his first book, Handbook of the Navigator, Eric has released a series of seven Amazon spiritual bestsellers.

Eric Pepin Best-Selling Books
Eric Pepin's Rebel Guru Radio
Rebel Guru Radio

Eric Pepin Podcast

Considered somewhat of a rebel for his no B.S. approach to teaching, Eric covers nearly every spiritual topic conceivable, from healing to manifestation, dimensional exploration to prana, and paranormal experiences to the enlightenment cycle. He doesn’t shy away from sensitive subjects and readily tackles the questions that other self-help and religious gurus don’t have answers for.


What Students Are Saying

A tap from the force..

The class lead into a tap from The Force by morning. A gentle yet powerful hello, a vivid reminder of what that ever present longing is deep the well of the Heart is. With others arriving and sharing the experience, the image of hands touching hands in the class exercise adds to the lingering feeling.


I shifted to a place I have not been..

That was totally awesome! During the force connection, the past self and the hand holding connection with you I was shifted to a place I have not been. I'm still humming this morning. I'll need to watch the replay a few times to begin to absorb it all.


Experiencing multiple realities at once..

I express my gratitude and appreciation for the training session, and am humbled that I was able to participate in such a profound and moving class. To have Eric go through some of the exercises in detail, as well as the 'subtle' nudges he gave us to motivate us to practice, was an invaluable complement to the material that I already have (all seven cores, and 6 of the books).

Now, more than ever, I can appreciate the importance of taking the time to maintain my fitness psychically, and how it fits in with all that The Force desires for us and our role as white cells. To have been able to feel that sense of communion and comradeship with so many white cells on the call was a special moment for many of us, I feel.

During the class, through the practice of those several exercises alone, I started to feel myself experiencing multiple realities at once. I was simultaneously at my desk, while also experiencing myself switching my attention between two other places at once.

In one reality, I was in what looked like a sandstone courtyard of a building with a fountain the centre. In the other, I was overlooking the coast of a place that resembled a white-washed, cliff-side town on a Greek island. And of course, the man himself was amazing."

Tanya G.