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In his spiritual podcast, Rebel Guru Radio, Eric Pepin speaks to new and long-time students alike, answering questions and clearing up common spiritual misconceptions. His logical and scientific teaching style shine through in these interviews and classes. Considered somewhat of a rebel for his no B.S. approach to teaching, Eric covers nearly every spiritual topic conceivable, from healing to manifestation, dimensional exploration to prana, and paranormal experiences to the enlightenment cycle. He doesn’t shy away from sensitive subjects and readily tackles the questions that other self-help and religious gurus don’t have answers for.

Much of the training involves stripping away the fluff and misinformation that has been added to common topics in spirituality like auras, angels, astral projection and reincarnation. After paring away the fat, he reveals the truth at the core that allows students to finally breakthrough and attain the experiences they have been seeking.

Eric Pepin | Rebel Guru Radio

Eric Pepin – Rebel Guru & Spiritual Author

Free Energy, Meditation and Manifestation Classes

Eric Pepin lays down the foundation in episode 1 of the Rebel Guru Radio where he teaches all about prana and energy, the fuel that allows you to attain all other spiritual feats and experiences. He breaks down vast and complex topics using simple analogies anyone can grasp and build their understanding upon. Further episodes dive into meditation techniques, reincarnation, simulated reality, manifestation, and much more. Eric brings clarity to the spiritual arena and never asks listeners to take his word on faith. Rather, he breaks down the teachings in a logical and scientific way and fully expects students to go out and try the techniques and apply the knowledge. Rebel Guru Radio is not a place for armchair philosophers, but rather a meeting place for those seeking to experience spirituality and metaphysics to the fullest.


100+ Five Star iTunes Ratings

With more than 100 five-star ratings on iTunes, listeners describe Rebel Guru Radio as “Impressive…” “Refreshing…” “Brilliant…” “Compelling…” “Informative…” and a “…solid approach to spirituality and metaphysics.”

In addition to sharing knowledge through his podcast, Eric also has countless audio and video courses offered through Higher Balance Institute as well as a series of Amazon bestselling books. Find the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. And be sure to visit the website at for show notes, additional resources, and recommended training.

Rebel Guru Radio Spiritual Podcast