Eric Pepin Live at Higher Balance Institute

Eric Pepin Live at Higher Balance Institute

Eric Pepin Live

Eric Pepin Live is a gathering of White Cells, i.e. spiritual seekers. We are scattered throughout the entire world. Although we may come from completely unique backgrounds, the challenges we face are the same.

Coming to terms with purpose, feeling a yearning for the universe, grappling with the courage to pursue it, rather than succumbing to the fear of failure. Believing we are worthy…

Any of that sound familiar?
The biggest of all is the the desire to be in the presence of God.  It can be so strong, so intense will bring us to our knees. In reality, that voice in the back of your head, the feeling in your chest, is the instinctual need to find completion.

Putting your spiritual knowledge into practice puts you on the path to becoming one with the Universe, but there is a power when we gather and practice together. Attending a Live, 2 hour class with Eric creates a tuning fork effect that resonates and creates a ripple effect on you for the rest of the month.

Can’t always make it live? The replay is worth the price of admission, and then some, TRUST me. The resonance is there, the knowledge is alive and fresh, you just need to dial in. I warn you now… This is not for arm-chair philosophers. This is for those of you who want to put the knowledge into use and become the master.

What Eric Pepin Live Students are Saying..

Totally Rocked!

I really enjoyed this class. I felt it really broke down the attention to detail, which I always need more of. Honestly I felt more like it was an advanced class. I swear there were many moments of Serune packed in there!

Thank you so much to the staff and most of all Eric!!! Totally rocked! As an added note during one of the exercises I felt so much love and love in return. Sometimes I forget how important it is to receive.

Lynn C

Eureka, CA

I shifted to a place I have not been..

That was totally awesome! During the force connection, the past self and the hand holding connection with you I was shifted to a place I have not been. I'm still humming this morning. I'll need to watch the replay a few times to begin to absorb it all.


Armchair philosopher no more!

I have never been so emotional during a live class like this one. Eric outdid himself once again and I truly truly appreciate the reminder to get off my ass and get my practice together. Armchair philosopher no more it's dead LOL