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Eric Pepin’s Latest Book Release

God’s Last Secret Vol. 1-3

God’s Last Secret, Eric’s eighth and most recent book published in 2016, is a 3-volume set, sold exclusively through Higher Balance Institute. The series brilliantly explains complex topic of the construction of reality. Then, explore the definition of artificial intelligence and how it thinks, perceives and interacts. Woven throughout is detailed descriptions of encounters with artificial intelligence through the eyes of someone who has experienced it himself.


“I haven’t been able to put the books down. I think I am addicted, in a good way. I have no words yet to explain how long I’ve been waiting for this.”

Jenny L.


Eric Pepin: Handbook of The Navigator

Handbook of The Navigator

Eric Pepin’s first book; Handbook of the Navigator was published in 2004 and defines the necessary ingredients to spiritual growth and awakening. Eric guides the reader through the process of spiritual enlightenment, leaving the reader with a road map to spiritual growth.

Eric Pepin: Handbook of The Navigator

Meditation Within Eternity

Meditation Within Eternity is Eric Pepin’s second book and provides the foundation of Higher Balance teachings and offers a guide to spirituality in modern times. It includes a meditation technique that allows practitioners to harness massive amounts of spiritual energy and get the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Eric Pepin: Igniting The Sixth Sense

Igniting the Sixth Sense

In Igniting the Sixth Sense, Eric’s third book, he reveals the keys to unlocking the magnetic sixth sense. This is the very sensory that spiritual seekers need to influence reality and achieve breakthrough spiritual experiences. From accessing the Akashic records to programming energy fields to the 15-minute technique that gives you nearly unlimited amounts of energy, Igniting the Sixth Sense covers it all.

Eric Pepin: Silent Awakening

Silent Awakening

Silent Awakening reveals the techniques to peel away the layers that have been weighing you down and preventing you from entering higher states of consciousness. When you apply the techniques in this book, it has the power to accelerate your journey and transform your soul.

Waking the immortal within - Eric Pepin

Waking the Immortal Within

Meditate to ‘the sound of God,’ and enter states normally only discovered after a lifetime of practice. In this book, Eric Pepin reveals the tools and techniques that empower the master within, allowing you to shift your mind between dimensions and opens your mind to see the hidden layers of reality.

Eric Pepin: Guild of PSI

Guild of PSI

In the Guild of PSI, Eric Pepin guides you down the path spiritual seekers search for, but only a few will ever see. Discover the spoken language of the Universe and learn to pass through and influence the layers of reality. Then, explore the paranormal, from astral projection and remote viewing to the nature of energy beings. Although these paths seem separate, as you move through the book, you discover that the doorway to higher levels of reality lies at the crossroads.

Prescient Visions - Eric Pepin

Prescient Visions

In Prescient Visions, takes you on a journey to a state of limitless awareness not restricted by time or space. Starting with conscious weather manipulation, you’ll remove all doubt once and for all that you are capable of changing and directly manifesting your reality. Then move on to explore dimensions, otherworldly beings, and the ongoing battle between life and anti-matter that is taking place all around you.