About Higher Balance Institute

Higher Balance Institute was founded by Eric Pepin in 2003 with the mission “to awaken one mind at a time.” Higher is to approach and move into the mind of the Universe. Balance is to find peace and harmony within and maintain empowerment when dealing with tumultuous challenges of modern life. More than a meditation system, Higher Balance is a complete metaphysical school. Similar to the ways of Shaolin and their feats of incredible athleticism, Higher Balance Institute focuses on exploring and developing inner consciousness and achieving miraculous abilities of the mind. Known for its no-nonsense, get-to-the-point approach, students consider it to be in a league of its own making.

Develop the Sixth Sense & Achieve Self-Realization

The doorway to self-realization rejecting the common belief that psychic abilities are a distraction from spiritual attainment, founder Eric Pepin asserts that the sixth sense is the most vital component to attaining true levels of spiritual awakening. Avoiding development of the sixth sense is a disservice to all seekers who answer the higher calling, a calling that ironically communicates through the sixth sense. Personal experience is the cornerstone of growth You learn more from a single experience than from reading a thousand books combined. Which is why at Higher Balance, the courses are filled with practical, interactive training, not unnecessary spiritual jargon and fluff.

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Higher Balance Institute

Easy to Understand, Yet Advanced Teachings

From psychic scanning and deep personal healing to entering advanced spiritual states of consciousness, the Higher Balance curriculum covers it all. Eric is a gifted teacher who can translate complex knowledge into simple and easy to understand analogies. As the student reflects on these concepts, the knowledge begins to construct a rich, profound tapestry of understanding. When you combine reflection with easy-to-apply techniques, you uncover a truth and understanding of who you are far beyond your current physical sense of self. Attaining Self-Realization.

Spirituality for the Modern World

From the launch of Higher Balance Institute, we prove again and again that, contrary to popular belief, reaching enlightened states of being does not have to take a lifetime or require you to extract yourself from life. We back this with a long-standing reputation of helping participants have tangible metaphysical experiences, frequently within hours, or even minutes, of applying the knowledge revealed in the training.

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Eric Pepin at Higher Balance Institute

Eric Pepin in India