Surprising Facts About Eric Pepin’s Lawsuit

In March 2006 Beaverton police, covered in full swat gear with guns ready, stormed Higher Balance’s main office.

Nothing would change their belief that, in their own words, Eric Pepin was already guilty. This was before they searched for any evidence or spoke to a single witness. Below are parts of a shocking story about the case that would destroy two innocent lives and damage so many others…

Eric Pepin, the president, had been accused by an ex-employee of having a sexual relationship 8 weeks before his 18th birthday… 4 YEARS after he said it occurred and after he had been fired. Based on nothing but conflicting stories the accuser could not keep straight, the police led by Detective Mike Smith, put on their helmets, loaded their guns and raided the building.

Inside they found a normal, quiet office filled with a dedicated staff steadily working on their dream of contributing their part to a better world through meditation, activating the sixth sense and spiritual awakening.

Eric Pepin threw his full cooperation behind the police, who it seems never investigated the man making the accusations. They also never found any evidence that any of the man’s claims were true except 3 DIFFERENT stories he told police. (Later the man would ADMIT in depositions, under oath, many of the claims being made never happened. Nobody cared about his admission which occurred over a year after the trial ended clearing Eric Pepin.)

Every legal advisor, a retired captain of Portland’s police force, and a former federal prosecutor all assured Eric Pepin that it was so obvious the claims were made up, that once the police investigated they would be dismissed.

Almost a year later, Eric Pepin and Jamison Preibe would be charged for a crime they did not commit, without any evidence. Guilty until proven innocent… is this the new American way?

That fateful day in March, 2006 marks the moment the names, reputations and lives of many innocent people were destroyed. Despite Eric Pepin being found not guilty to all of the charges, the damage caused could never be undone.

Here are gathered accounts and details surrounding the case, true experiences from people who were there and are still waiting for justice.

It involves, what many believe, corruption in the Beaverton police and District Attorney’s office, a local reporter using her position at Portland’s biggest and most respected newspaper, The Oregonian, for her own ambition, and a thirst for money and power regardless of the cost.

For a more complete background see the news story here: Eric Pepin Cleared of all Sex Charges

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March 1, 2010


thank god you were cleared,your right the new america,chicken neck pot belly control freaks,i think america is waking up,and i think you could be a threat to these pot belly control john lennon said ,a lot of bad people run the world,i use to see it when i was a kid,so i know what john is talking about,and look what they did to him,i guess because he didn’t write any of that devil music,or worship them.will your still maybe a wake up call.i’v only known you a short time but have learned so much,and want to keep on learning more,so keep up the good positive work,this just made you stronger,thank’s

Hi Eric and thank you for your talent and great work in sharing your wisdom. The universe is better for it.
Also, thanks to the broad communication channels these days. I believe that the general public are are very much aware of the cheap tricks used by the dark forces operating in our current civilisation, that they gravitate to positions of power in powerful institutions and feel threatened by good people with genuine intent to better life for all – I see this here in your case and have seen it before many times. I’m sure you know how to handle this and you and what you are abut has many supporters.
I have listened to a number of your videos and your message rings true for me. I look forward to more.
Thank you,

here almost a yr later after reading all that crap the chicken neck pot belly control freaks wrote about you,didn’t bother me a bit,just kept on learning the good positive stuff,and boy dose this stuff just keep on giving and giving so much stuff to read,and video’s,i can’t keep up.i don’t have time to read that crap the dark side put’s out there,will you know what they say,no one kick’s a dead dog,to you and your great 5 star staff keep up the girreat work to make this a better and more understanding planet.

HI Eric,

I am so happy for your beautiful and successful life, unfortunately not a lot of people are and they try to hurt with their words. they are not bad people they just need to be more loved. Let’s stop dwelling in the situation that you went through in 2006 and focus in the many Blessings you have and that you are surrounded by love. This is the very first time I hear from you and I had the necessity to tell you that I love you and everything is fine and in order. Let’s start forgiving and recognizing in people how good they are, let’s affirm Peace, Good intentions and unlimited abundance for all of them, the ones trying to hurt you are also Children of God but they are confused, let’s pray for them.

With Love,


I already know that the American legal system is hideously corrupt. We SAY freedom of religion and belief, but police are quick to pounce on what they perceive as a ‘cult’. Whatever….this man’s info was suggested by Higher Spirit to me. You will not convince me of wrongdoing until I see rock solid proof.

I realize that Eric is good people and am deeply grateful for his efforts no cult could ever have power over a truly awakened being but do understand that there are alien forces in our world that d I by want us to study this these beings are desperate because they are losing their power I love Eric’s work and have great respect for it these beings mess with computers and electronic gear I was :-/ Ron a psychic and could tell you a lot I’ve seen have been in occult studies for 30 years this is real thank you keep up the good work we will triumph around 2027 lord foul

Eric, as you know, there are forces out there that will do manically drastic things to maintain their ” control” when understanding is shared. While reading you book on awakening I can attest and verify those methods and ways are those of antiquity. The big threat to those wishing to dampen or control our universal entity is their loss. It is fear based and I see it from within…IKKAN…keep going and feel the energy

I never thought that could happen in the USA I’m glad you came out clean Your videos give so much goodness to so many people including me. I’m new at tai chi my teachers are videos you and so many othermastrers upload for all of us THANK YOU

I am 48 and have struggled extremely with religion, the Trinity, prayer to find pease. I have had several traumas I can’t seem to work through. When googled I found some help from The Higher Balance Institute. How do I begin to sink my teeth into your philosophy. I will pay. Not looking for a hand out, because paying is my own responsibility through you will help me keep my feet on the ground. Also, you have a responsibility to continue this work and I would tithe at church I believe You also deserve that same respect.
Thank You, if all you do is read this I will know it’s been heard from someone who is has honesty and integrity.

Thank you for at least reading it.

Eric, stuff happens. I’m happy you are able to continue your life’s work and to continue enlightening us one at a time. I’m seeing signs leading me to these skills since I was a young boy. At 31 things make sense and I know something calls me from within. Thank you in advance.

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