Watch here for the dark secret nobody has dared talk about because of the powerful people involved… then keep reading below for breaking news about an attempted COVER UP! Who are the police really looking out for?

It is strange and troubling that long after the criminal case ended, it was discovered the accuser had physical evidence of over 7 relationships he had with adult men and women when he was as young as 15 years old. None of them were Eric Pepin.

The police never pursued any of these individuals

… – even after one man stated on record he had the accuser LIVING with him and was engaged in a sexual relationship with the accuser when he was a minor and he was an adult. The accuser admitted it was true.

Admission of guilt, evidence, end of story?

No charges were ever filed. No police investigation ever begun.

If District Attorney Andy Erwin were after justice for the crime Eric Pepin was accused of… why pursue only him when there was no evidence the accuser was telling the truth? Was the DA hiding the other relationships he had proof of? If so, what would be the purpose to do so?

Is it possible that neither the accuser nor Andy Erwin had anything to gain by going after these people… so neither of them cared? None of them, even the adults older than 40 with established careers who had relationships with the man as a minor, had any wealth. For the accuser that leaves nothing to gain.

For a young District Attorney, hoping to run against an incumbent judge grossly more experienced than him, none of the adults on the accusers list of relationships had any kind of fame or stories that would grab headlines. To win an election, Andy Erwin needed to make a name for himself, he needed publicity… Eric Pepin could provide that… and did.

Even better is that Erwin had an Oregonian reporter who, by some local accounts, practically lived in the District Attorney’s office. Holly Danks needed stories to further her career, Erwin needed headlines to promote his name for his upcoming election… it was a perfect match.

From the blog NWRepublican:

“Like the Oregonion isn’t biased. Holly Danks practicly lives in the Washington County DA’s Office. She’s on a first name basis with them and has their direct dial numbers. Just exactly how many of the voting public is given that info?”

Lucky for Andy Erwin the civil attorney the accuser went to with his story, John Uffleman, was a former District Attorney for the county. He had connections and could work to sell the story to Erwin. When Erwin heard Ufflemans tale of a “cult leader” right in Beaverton, it is easy to see how he could envision, in that moment, headlines splashed across all of the papers… with his name on them all.

As reported by the Forest Grove News-Times, Republican State Senator Bruce Starr hit the nail on the head:

“A lot of time these judges races, it comes down to who’s got the better name.”

Follow the “Fame Name Game”. Who’s got the fame, to recognize the name?

The better name also means name recognition. The more Erwin could get his name in the paper, with help from Holly Danks, the better. If he were to win a “sensational” case against a “cult leader”, why, it would make him a local hero.

Of course, Erwin didn’t win that fight but like the saying goes, “the only bad news is no news”.

Holly Danks led the charge as the first, and pretty much only, reporter to write about Eric Pepin’s case. In many stories not related to Eric Pepin she frequently quotes Erwin, a regular source in a relationship where one hand seemed to wash the other.

When it came time for election season Holly Danks pushed her partners name… with her help the Oregonian pushed Andy Erwin’s cause. Think about it, if you need a source for stories, what better “inside scoop” then a judge in the courthouse? It was also a great score for Erwin – Holly had the power of the Oregonian behind her – the biggest local Portland paper.

Holly Danks sided with Erwin in the election. The Oregonian promoted him while casting down his opponent.

The Forest Grove News-Times noted in an article during the election, “It’s the kind of battle you’d expect to play out in a courtroom on network television.”

Erwin got his news and he won for judge.

Shocking Update… Attempted Cover-Up?

Someone may have caught on to Andy and Holly’s mutually beneficial “relationship”… or started to catch on. Evidence has surfaced that shows some suspicious activity from The Oregonian. Is there evidence, now being attempted to hide, which shows the extent to which Holly worked to elect Erwin?

A man who, by the looks of it, knowingly overlooked pursuing crimes he had evidence for, used (or abused) his trusted position as a public servant to wield all the power of the state against people he knew would create publicity… is now in a position of even greater power? Greed, thirst for power, corruption… it looks like The Forest Grove-Times was right. The kind of thing you’d expect to play out on network television.

Reads like it should be on the evening news… think it ever will be? Probably not. Corruption and abuse of power is the kind of thing that REALLY scares people. It’s not the kind of fear that sells papers. Plus it damages the illusion that the U.S. is a moral system, where these kind of things “don’t happen”.

See for yourself… Holly pushing stories of Erwin for judge, the originals and the altered stories. The story nobody else dares to talk about.

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