Eric Pepin’s court case lasted three years. His name, reputation and those of his friends and family were nearly ruined. It’s something he will have to carry the rest of his life, even though he was found to be innocent, the case was brought without any evidence, his accuser was never investigated and he even testified many of the claims he made never happened.

Forget that the accuser had evidence of sexual relationships with seven adults, men and women, when he was as young as 15 and NONE of them were ever investigated or charged. One even testified that he was living with the accuser, in a sexual relationship, when he was an adult and the accuser a minor. Never mind the District Attorney defended all the different variations of the accuser’s story, even going as far as saying a 10 year veteran of the police force who made the first interview with the man, hadn’t done his job and was wrong because he conflicted with the accuser’s story.

Remove from your mind that the same Distract Attorney, Andy Erwin, then launched a campaign against an incumbent judge soon after the trial, boosted from the media attention… and won.

After all that do you think you would have some regrets? Know what Eric Pepin’s regret is? The answer will really surprise you…

An injustice occurs that will affect you for the rest of your life… never to be corrected. How many of us could look at the world, or trust other people, the same?

What is the real price of Eric Pepin’s trial?

See if first-hand in an emotional account below…

Few can imagine what an ordeal such as this is truly like, unless you or someone close to you has been through it. To be wrongly accused with no hope for justice, to be innocent and have the very force meant to protect you turn against you, and to be publicly dragged through the mud while strangers all through the world use it for their own gain and purposes. It is hard to blame someone, in that position, from questioning the goodness in their fellow humans.

But is the price worth it? Can you keep a dream alive, or even want to, after such an event?

Would you keep going after Eric Pepin’s lawsuit?

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Let us know your thoughts below.