When the accuser first went to police it was for “employment related issues”. The police at the station said they did not deal with that but, if the accuser felt the issue was serious, they would take a statement. He declined the statement and left.

Certainly if you have been abused and you are in a police station, that’s a serious matter, why walk away then?

You walk away because at that point in time the “story” about the abuse had not been created. He was just looking to get money from somewhere. Watch below for new, unknown details about the real story… who the accuser was and what drove him to make the accusations…

After the man tried to get money from Eric Pepin and was turned away, he tried the police and ended up getting a local civil attorney, John Uffleman, who had once served as a district attorney for Washington county. This is a man who still knows people in law enforcement, knows how the legal system works, and has connections.

John Uffleman took the case on, pro bono. This means he worked for free with an agreement he would be paid later out of money gotten from Eric Pepin.

Certainly Uffleman did not want to take on a civil case, it would be lengthy and costly. Why not find a reason for law enforcement to pursue a case for him? Then he would have the near-endless resources of the state and all of the taxpayers money at his disposal.

If the criminal case against Eric Pepin succeeded… the accuser, and Uffleman, would have won money immediately. This is how it works in the US, which is something Uffleman would have known.

I believe it is somewhere in this time that the abuse “story” was crafted from employment complaints to underage sex. Of course, lots of facts had to be twisted and changed, which is why I think the accuser gave so many different versions of his story.

Rather than return to the police to file a report, his lawyer had police come to his own private office to interview his client. The police accommodated this request. This would also protect the accuser and his lawyer from having to discuss what they spoke to police about – everything is under client-attorney privilege.

It is strange and troubling that long after the criminal case ended, it was discovered the accuser had physical evidence of over 7 relationships he had with adult men and women when he was as young as 15 years old. None of them were Eric Pepin. None of them were ever pursued or questioned by police.

An even sadder statement on the injustice done by the police and district attorney is this:
During testimony, the accuser was asked about claims he made during the criminal case to police which he repeated, on paper, in his civil lawsuit. These are shocking statements he claimed Eric Pepin had done and when.

With complete indifference, he casually stated claims he made never happened.

The lawyers sat still for a moment – had he just said claims he made NEVER HAPPENED?!

They asked what any logical human would follow with: If those things never happened, why did you say they did? Why did he tell police they happened, why was he claiming damages in his own lawsuit for things he is now saying never happened?

The man shrugged and said they should ask his lawyer.

Here is perhaps the most disturbing part: nobody cared. They acted as if it was business-as-usual and continued on as if nothing interesting had really happened. As if it was all a given and things like this happen every day. It’s just another day on the job, earning a living. Somebody lies to the police, lies in their lawsuit, destroys innocent lives… and it’s no big deal. Happens all the time. That’s life. Get over it.

Nobody seemed shocked by the discovery, as if it was a given that everyone already knew the man was lying. It’s just the way the system works. It’s not about guilty or innocent, it’s just a system that moves along and people make money from it. In the end it spits you out, the just, the unjust… all the same. Justice, as is often said, is indeed blind.

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